The train of life…

On one such hectic morning mad rush on one of the busiest stations in suburban mumbai, i found myself aloof in crowd, no.. boarding in overcrowded train would have never been my agenda, for me discretion was better part of valor and travel was just a mean to reach ends..

But somehow on that day i just could not stop wondering the similarity between the fast zooming trains and our lives. The pace in which our lives move, we move, from the destinations of being a toddler, to childhood to teenage to youth to maturity to oldage to eternity is similar to the destinations that a train takes. The only difference being that the train makes return journey, whereas our journey continues from being no one to being no one again. Dust thou art, dust thou, return, was not spoken of the soul.. rightly says the old sayings..

But dont we really relish these destinations? Just like we enjoy travelling, suppose you are travelling by a fast train from dombivli to cst, the train halts at thane, ghatkopar, kurla, dadar and byculla before reaching its destination. Dont we really enjoy the journey, howsoever, jam packed the train may be, look at the faces at the people who get outside view from the window – especially the window seated luckier ones. For years these souls travel through same routes, but the gaiety the joy on their faces while seeing their train run fast is visible on their faces. They all seem to relish their journey. As in life, dont we enjoy all kind of destinations we reach through, the childhood days are the best ones for even the septuagenarian. The days of our youthful zest, the ages of maturity all are enjoyed by us. Dont we love to live?? We all do..

A routine traveller by local trains can be a good face reader, if he can look around himself. One can see people of varied attitude, looks habits, likings, one can easily surmise their nature from their behavior. The arrogant, self confident (sometimes overconfident ones) would be the ones who stand very near the platform and just attack the compartment before the train pulls break. Those are the ones who easily get the seats of their likings. These people though live life on the edge. One error and they end playing up with their lives. Is the seat that important to risk your life? one cannot stop wondering..

The other ones, the opportunistic ones, somehow squeeze in and grab the very first opportunity to sit. Their eyes are watchful and pry on the very slim chances to get seats.

The next one comes the timid ones, the poor souls who wait for their chance to squeeze in, somehow scramble a corner to stand, bear all the blows they receive from fellow travellers without uttering a word.

The last one comes the lost ones, they are either pushed into the compartment without their wishes or enter it without knowing whether they’ve boarded the right train. These poor folks usually end up on the losing side, alight at wrong destinations.