More Confusing….

Being bookish was never in my genes, so reading books, novels was an outlandish question in my case.  A friend, though was exactly different, he would chew every character of a book. He was perhaps more than concerned about “Self Development”.  He made sure he attended all kind of Seminars and Lectures in the Town. Once he requested an admission in a Beauty Parlour Course (which was organised by my Office for Ladies).  My doubt that too much hunger for knowledge has turned this good boy into a confused man ( i meant to say an insane one, was just trying to be sober), never remained a doubt thereafter.

Somehow though as I looked back at myself, i find that I too had started getting more and more inquisitive about knowledge.  About learning more and more things. High Speed Internet and loads of material on Internet and availability of internet almost everywhere from pc to lappie to tablet to mobile made it easy. Just to kill time i started watching videos (reading was never my forte) on sites like youtube. Videos ranged from Spirituality to Evil Spirits, from fun to science, from 2012 Apocalypse to Motivational Videos on Self Development.

Now Self Development was my weakness, I always kept on learning and still believe that I am a student even junior to my kid. I learnt techniques to read face, how to identify body language, how to kill stage fear, how to start conversation, how to stay positive etc. It was necessary for me as I used to conduct training programmes on self employment in my social group. To keep myself updated I used to watch loads of these videos.  Somehow though, i got inclined to watch the videos of  Modern Motivation Gurus. They claim to change lives by their speeches. Their powerful delivery of speeches combined with aggressive body language makes you feel different. You too get into the zone, the motivation level increases, though momentarily in my case at least.

I was not a fan of any one motivation guru, the modern money minting business, one guy in his typical broken Hindi spoke about total self transformation (lest he should have transformed his power of the language in the first place), the other guy told the power of hard work, to contradict this, yet another motivation leader taught that only donkeys and labourers do hard work, hard workers never succeed. Now, I understood why my dear friend was like this – confused.

On close analysis one can say is that these modern age gurus do not teach you rocket science in the first place, they teach you what you already know.  One must feel shortchanged actually after listening to these deliberations. The only person who benefit from these deliberations are the speakers themselves as they rake in millions by organizing these motivation talks. Most of these speakers speak about their own personal experiences and how they succeeded and then sum it up as a success mantra. Why to rely on prescriptions that others used, you are genetically different your DNA is different and you require may be different then what is prescribed.

Sometimes, it makes me wonder whether these modern day Motivation Gurus are the mirror images of our Spiritual Babas & Gurus ??  Their similarities are strikingly similar – both use their gift of the gab to mint money, one is dressed in vermilion colored clothes, the others mostly suited booted in blacks. One uttering Sanskrit Shlokas intermittently the other quoting difficult terminologies both of these are not understood by common misnomers like me 😦  Ultimately both end up with claps and return with good bank balances. The audiences feel they have become more happier, more motivated. But for how long ?

To succeed I guess the formula is very simple, I learnt it from my trekking experience, we succeed in our trekk because we are focused on our target, the pinnacle where we are destined to reach. We are aware of the route that we will be treading, the dangers of it, we remain focused and we spend our time, money and energy. The joy that one receives after reaching the pinnacle is the joy of success, the feeling of winning the world. This is the simple formula for success, aim at the target, compete with yourself, do swot analysis, take unbiased decisions and keep moving. Have belief in just one person, and that is you. Do I sound like a motivation guru in making. No I have many other better vocations 🙂

Yes modern life has been more than stressful and people do take recourse thinking that they will benefit from such discourses in their professional lives.   Acquiring Knowledge per se is a good thing, one has to be a keen learner all through his life, but you don’t need  to take a middleman to tell you.

I stopped watching these videos when i first saw the contradictions and preferred to watch  Tom and Jerry instead, atleast those characters bring back smile and not make you look confused.

PS : Just a One liner I read on one of the T-Shirts recently – I was Intelligent… Education Spoiled me 🙂





The Mad Mad Race…

Next Day a driver reports for duty, after performing long gruesome duty last night, he asks for a short distance trip. He was denied the same. The driver walks away, boards an empty bus and just zooms it away, he drives on the wrong way, kills around eight innocent people, damages countless number of private & government vehicles, the police gives him a chase. His madness stopped only when he was stucked up in a snarling traffic jam in a narrow street.

After inquiry, it was found that the normal looking man, who performed his duties well for last twelve long years suffered from psychiatric problems, he was undergoing treatment which he left halfway down. This real incident happened some 10-12 days before at Pune, near Mumbai. The incident was first of its kind on this side of the planet, we hear about such cases quite often in the west, stories of mindless people going on shooting spree, killing hapless people. In one case i remember a shooter killing school kids in school. This forces me to think, are we all not, ticking human time bombs, waiting to explode ???

Sometimes, i feel, we all are mad !! the degree to qualify may vary, which in turn gives us a label of being a normal sane person. But somewhere deep down, we all are insane. Some mad after achieving some goals, some mad for gaining more and more richness, some mad for other worldly pleasures, some to please their egos. But mad, we all are, to some extent. We wisely cover our madness and label it as career oriented, upward mobility and other fantastic terms. But the madness is the same. Sorry, if somebody feels offended, mad that i am 🙂

Yes, a bit of  madness is required, but it should be to a certain extent.  This madness made Albert Einstein, Albert Einstein. This madness made Newton, a Newton.  Your Madness should be your motivating factor,  it should not be a depressing one.

We all carry a loads of anxiety, worries,  frustrations with us.  The world may see a very clean, sauve, sombre face of us, but beneath the mask lies real us. Modern life, and the demands of it, have only worsened the story. Has’nt it ? We all are running an endless mad mad race, a race which has no end, race to achieve targets, race to earn more, earn more for our better future, better future at the cost of losing our present.

Has this recklessness and stress not resulted in increased incidents of heart troubles in our youth. Youths in their prime are dying of sudden heart attack. Leaving behind their uncherished and unfulfilled dreams of a better tomorrow. Some fifteen twenty years ago the deaths of youngsters due to heart ailments were unheard of, surely these twenty years gap coincides with the liberalization of economy that government has undertaken. The situation becomes even more critical in developing country like ours, without much backup systems, the public health system is in disarray, the psychological health of a person is never even given a passing thought. Like in the case of the reckless driver above, the organization, a huge public transport organization accepted that they had no systems in place to check the mental fitness of their employees. Coupled with the fact that people find it very unacceptable to visit a psychologist. A belief most people carry is that only mentally unstable people need to see them.

Life has become more stressful, we don’t get time for ourselves, time to sit for a while, time to pause, enjoy smaller joys of life. I remember one gentlemen travelling in our train compartment quite often. He was a hefty gentleman, well dressed in formals with tie and would stand somewhere, and would travel very silently, but all of a sudden he would start talking to himself and it seemed that he was undergoing some very huge level of stress in his office, he would talk about office, targets, would plead apology to boss, and would talk in a way as if he is in conversation with someone. If a fellow traveller, touched him or asked him what was wrong, he would again get normal, but only for a while.

Are such people not a ticking bomb. For they carry with them their world, world that is not so rosy after all…

So be mad my friend, but, be mad for good and do press that Pause button for a while.