Heavenly Break… Aurangabad Report

This plateau of Marathwada – Aurangabad has always amazed me. Not that I have not been to other cities, a wanderer that I am, I have been to many cities, but not a city like this one.

Aurangabad is a city representing all facets of life.  Blends of tradition with modernity. An Industrial City with Historical Backgrounds.  Its my fourth visit to this place. This time though on a longer sojourn. My Branch Office being located some 7 kms from station at Chikalthana, Aurangabad has become my second home away from home.

The people here are simple,  and whats more important,  they are unlike the kind of people we get to see in metropolitan cities. Here People  dont wear masks, masks of humility, truthfulness, honesty or decency. Here even a bad guy boldly claims that he is a baddie, he does not needs a mask to hide his face. It needs huge amount of courage of conviction to do so.    In anyways i was fed up with fake life  in Mumbai.

The people are rustic and sometimes seems arrogant. But behind there arrogance lies a reason… sometimes stupid one though..

I was feeling too off the place at Mumbai, thankfully,   i got a heavenly break, the only minus here is scorching heat, save for my ACs, i would have been reduced to ashes in this heat here.

But internally i am at peace here, I got a good break to brush off unwanted people and links of the past and start anew once again….