Of faces and masks…

Some people are adaptive to camouflage their faces with masks. Very rarely do we find their masks peeling off their faces. When we are faced with the actual faces sans these masks most of the times we are taken aback.

And what kind of masks do people wear.. and for what flimsiest reasons do they do so. In my social life i was successful in exposing such people wearing masks. Masks of truthfulness, social mindedness.

But for one guy, it took us all almost three years to peel off his masks. Everyone, including me, never believed that even this simple looking guy donned a mask. The mask of tender heart, the mask of simplicity, the mask of working for good. Behind these fake virtues, after we tore off his mask, we found a person dying for earthly things like posts, like name, fame and popularity. Most of his staunchest supporters who earlier thought that we were wrong in our assessment about this crook, however now believe that the guy was a just another morbid mortal. Somehow God has been helpful to guide us to distinguish wheat from chaff.

The only question everyone is asking is that Why should a person be so selfish, so self centered, so oblivious to forget the friends, friends who saved him in one of his most embarrassing moments.

But then masks that he was wearing. And masks friends dont last long.