Symposium for Commons

Yesterday I was in a Science Centre attending a Symposium on Physics for Commons. The word commons was somehow irksome and demeaning, for even the commonest of the common regard himself or herself uncommon and unique. Don’t We?
We were shown nothing but the outer world, the planets, the stars and mystifying universe in its full might was pictorially displayed. Full credits to the concept and its execution. The Milky Way the ‘Bramhand’ as we call it was an awesome experience to watch, we felt that perhaps after the mythological warrior Arjun, we were the only luckier ones to see Bramhand – even though only pictorially.
During the entire show, the one sentence that made a huge impact on my and left me thinking since then was the comparison between earth and entire outer world. it said that the earth was merely like a piece of sand on the beach. We were so small…
On this earth we have 75% of watery bodies and remaining 25% is divided into continents and nations on basis of color, richness, ethnicity etc. Between these nations lies my country and within that country lies my state, my town my locality my house and me… such a mini mini minuscule part of wholesum. But, what a kind of ego we carry, how wrongly placed pride on earthly achievements we place and get happy or sad over these things that are never meant to last long.
Finally I got to know why they meant that the Symposium was for Commons. Indeed in the whole panoramic canvas of lord we indeed are commons… or perhaps even lesser than commons. Ain’t we ?