My Trekk Experience & Life

Life takes you to unknown destinations, it always does, many a times you realise it after its too late. Journey towards unknowing destinations is a mixed bundle of joy, thrill, anxiety, worry, all clubbed together.

Recently on 25th of Jan, 2008. I had been to a place called Harishchandragad, its a high mountain trekk. The trip was unscheduled and was planned at the eleventh hour. We ten friends went there.

We did all the things in an unexpected manner. We began the trekk right in the night at 11 pm. This trekk was first of its kind for all of us, as we had not been to harishchandragad before. We were not knowing the terrain, the geography, neither did we have the kit the professional trekkers carry. Dangerous propositions, all together.

Well well, so our trekk began at 11 pm, with the help of torches we started the trekk. It was certainly not an easy trekk as we were told by others. We all were tired a lot, the jungle was too thick and dense. Night trekk did carry its own risks, all kind of alien sounds greeted us, sounds we never heard before. It was the darkest hours of the midnight, thrill was at its zenith. To add to the joy, it was too cold out there.

At around two am we prepared lime juice in the most unorthodox manner, at the most unexpected and unusual of places, in the deepest and darkest ravens of Sahyadri. Then came the risky cliff, the trekk for about 300 metres was so risky that one, very small mistake on one’s part could have cost his or her life.

Somehow we reached atop the mountain at 5.00 am totally tired, perspired with all our energies lost in the trekk, and with no sleep, we just wished we could sleep somewhere, we took our space, we all slept on the plateau, but the chilling cold ensured that we could not sleep. We then had a bonfire to warm us up. It helped the cause a little bit though.

We had been to one point on that mountain called as Kokankada. Phew… what a place it is. Even the boldest of the person would tremble to see down from that point. A steep straight oval shaped mountain. The valley down is so deep, that it makes your heart pound a bit faster.

After visiting all the places, we started our backward return journey. It was then, that i realized, where we had been to. The return journey was more difficult, for it was now daylight and we could see the steep cliffs and the valley downwards, while trekking down. Two of our friends were very unnerved and terrified by the scene. The height factor was there, that was their first trekk and that caused jitters and butterlies in their belly. Their tremble, their lack of confidence was a cause of real worry for all of us, and especially for me, for i was the one responsible for the entire flock.

Somehow we managed to get down.

While coming down, i could not stop questioning the rationale behind such ‘adventurism’. I asked myself, whether the risk taken was worthwhile? Didnt we act recklessly like many other trekkers who lose their lives in similar endavors? Nature is very kind and benevolent to you till the moment you play by its rule, once you cross that fine line, its just a matter of chance.

Dont we in our personal lives, act in similar reckless manner? Do we do proper analysis of any acts of ours, that could not only cost you, but your near and dear ones. Very smaller things. Many a times, out of ignorance or utter carelessness, dont we commit things that could cause risk to ourselves and others.

Many people rubbish my cautiousness as cowardice or negative approach, but what i strongly feel is that why should we multiply problems in these already insecure times. Is discretion not the better part of valor.

Friends life is beautiful, you get it only once to live, live it fully and yes… carefully….

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