Inspirational Speeches of Shri Rajiv Dixit. Must listen

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Late Shri Rajiv Dixit has not stopped amazing me. Neither his sudden departure from among us.  I was inspired during my childhood days by his speeches on Swadeshi. I present here some collection of his speeches on varied social issues. The speeches are in Hindi.

भारत के सामाजिक एवं चारित्रिक पतन का षड़यंत्र  (Download)

संगठन की मर्यादा एवं सिद्धांत (Download)

भारत का स्वर्णिम अतीत (Download)

भारत की विश्व को देन (Download)

ऐतिहासिक  भूलें (Download)

गुलामी की निशानियाँ (Download)

मांसाहार से हानियाँ (Download)

स्वदेशी से स्वावलंबी भारत (Download)

अंग्रेजी भाषा की गुलामी (Download)

भारत का सांस्कृतिक पतन (Download)

विषमुक्त कृषि (Download)

संस्कृत भाषा की वैज्ञानिकता (Download)

अंतर्राष्ट्रीय संधियों के मकडजाल में भारत (Download)

व्यवस्था परिवर्तन की क्रांति (Download)

मौत का व्यापार (Download)

50 Yrs of India’s Independence ?


Bharathiya Ajaadi ka ithihaas (History of India’s Independence)

A very thought provoking speech by Shri Rajiv Dixit of Azadi Bachao Andolan. The speaker denies India being a free nation, for it follows same ideals & principles of British Empire. Do hear the three audio clips. You can download the same from the links given below :

To download the Audio : (copy & paste the links below in new browser)—-Bharathiya_aajaadi_ka_ithihaas_1_of_3.mp3 (Part 1)—-Bharathiya_aajaadi_ka_ithihaas_2_of_3.mp3 (Part 2)—-Bharathiya_aajaadi_ka_ithihaas_3_of_3.mp3 (Part 3)