Love… Is it for real

Love, a word so deeply adored, so longed, and so misunderstood… Not all may agree, but we all were in love with someone very special. What is Love afterall?? I surmise its a wonderful bonding between two souls, where physical attributes really dont matter. Its like a soul shared by two human bodies, an embodiment of celestial totality. A feeling of eternal joy.

But how many of us are really in true love? How many of us get to get their true love. Blessed are those people who get it, others simply wander on the dicey and slippery path of humanly disgracefulness.

I have seen many a people ‘fall’ in love and then have witnessed their ‘fall’. The very couples who ‘fell’ in love, got married, then ended up at loggerheads and their love simply evaporated as it never existed. What was it then? Wasn’t it love? for me, it was not, it merely might have been infatuation, physical attraction towards some traits that suits you. Some boys like the way the girl looks or behaves, some girls like the physical attributes of boys. But are those things really called as love? Nopes is the answer.. They just love a minor part of the whole being and end up facing the stark reality which might not suit them, resulting in clashes later on.

Some boys (& girls too), ‘fall’ in love again and again, they change their partners like we change our dresses. Is that Love? Any guesses for wrong answer?? No, its just not love.

Down the line, when i look back at my childhood days and my teenage, i remember vividly that i was fascinated by two stories that i’d learn’t in my schooling days & my college days. The one was of Little Mermaid, who gave her life for the Prince, whom she loved so dearly, but who was oblivious of that fact. The Other was a poem of Bailiff’s Daughter of Islington, where the Prince’s Love withstood the test of time. Such was his love that time and distance could not seperate him.

One of the misconception of love, the worldly way is that Love should end up in marriage. Is it necessary for two divine souls with pure feelings to tie themselves in worldly knots? I dont feel it necessary.

All of us love someone, just when we fail in love at a point of time, only when we don’t succeed, we either end up hating either the person whom you cannot meet or end up saying that love is not true, its fake. But isn’t it a case of simply crying hoarse.