Living in the present….

Most of us live in time warp. Trust me, we are never in sync with time, either we are ahead of it or are engaged somewhere in the past. Both the ways gives you only trouble. People who care a lot about future, spoil their today, people who keep thinking over past also lose their today. Today is the time when you can mend the errors of your past and create a beautiful tomorrow.

Sadly, we dont live in today, we do not cherish the moments that we get today. Only tiny tots live in today. They are neither worried about their tomorrow nor are they tensed up over their yesterdays. They live in today, enjoy every moment of it. May be that is the reason why they look so happy, for they live in today.

Modern ways of life has made life a hastier one, an insecure one. This is the era of insecurity, anxiety, where we are always worried about our tomorrow. Thinking about tomorrow is ok, making good deeds for tomorrow is a nice thing to do, but should it be at the cost of your today.

I always remember one of my boss, an ever smiling person, whenever someone asked him, how his day was, he always said, it was excellent. Once i asked him, why he said so, he said, today is the beautiful day that god gives you, your today will not come tomorrow or yesterday, you have to live the moment today itself.

But how many of us really do live in today…